The Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center (WCCAC) is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that provides a child-sensitive, safe environment for children to report abuse. It is both the PLACE where children come to talk and the PROCESS of bring together the agencies charged with investigating and prosecuting abuse.  We serve children ages 0-17 throughout Williamson County.

The WCCAC benefits the community and, more importantly, child victims through the use of Center services.  These services enable significantly fewer interviews for a victim, a greater level of support for families, a stronger investigation, and a substantial increase in successful prosecutions.

We offer all our services free of charge to those who need it most, thanks to individual donations and business donations, in-kind gifts, grants, and community support.

Why Should You Care?

The statistics surrounding child abuse in this country are astounding. In 2013, Williamson County Child Protective Services responded to over 2,450 allegations of abuse.

Nationally, one in four young girls, and one in six young boys will be sexually assaulted before age 18. 98% of victims know their abusers. 88% of all sexual abuse happens inside the family unit.

In 2013, the WCCAC conducted 686 investigative Forensic Interviews, provided 75 medical examinations to sexual assault victims, and provided over 2100 hours of counseling services to more than 140 families… all free of charge.

Our Mission

To provide a child friendly, safe place to disclose child abuse;

To reduce the emotional trauma for children and their non-offending family members; and

To extend professional services that protect the integrity of an investigation.

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